Date: November 5, 2003 540-785-4733


National Pro-life Religious Council Praises President for Abortion Ban

The National Pro-life Religious Council, a coalition of diverse groups within the Christian tradition, commends the Congress for passing, and President George W. Bush for signing into law, a piece of legislation that we pray will be the beginning of the restoration of respect and protection for human life in all stages of development. The barbaric practice of Partial-Birth Abortion, which has been outlawed with this measure, is a disturbing reminder of the depths to which nature can descend. There is no justifiable medical, social or religious reason for such obvious and wanton destruction of human life and we are grateful that President Bush has affirmed this by taking a step that his predecessor refused to take.

The evidence which demonstrates the beauty and wonder of human development within the motherís womb is overwhelming. We therefore see no justification for the continued advocacy of the right to extract the contents of a babyís skull so that it might be crushed in order that the child might be violently wrested from her sanctuary. Nonetheless, abortion advocates have seen fit to go to court to defend this practice. The NPRC will pray and labor for their defeat. May God grant us success. Nothing less than the dignity of the United States is at stake.