Inside Politics
By Greg Pierce

Registration Sundays

Three Christian organizations have announced "National Christian Voter Registration Sundays" throughout 2003 and 2004.

The Christian Coalition of America, National Pro-life Religious Council and Priests for Life will formally announce the initiative at a news conference today at the National Press Club.

The Sundays designated as "National Christian Voter Registration Sundays" are June 15, Sept. 7, Nov. 9 and Jan. 18.
"We want to encourage pastors to preach to their congregations the responsibility every citizen has to register and vote," said Father Frank Pavone, founding director of Priests for Life. "In the American system of government, followers of Christ have just as much right to shape public policy according to their beliefs as does anyone else."

"The Christian Coalition of America prior to the November 2000 elections distributed a record 70 million voter guides throughout the United States," said Roberta Combs, president of the Christian Coalition of America, in a prepared statement. "It is not just a civic responsibility but also a basic Christian responsibility to register to vote and be informed about issues that candidates stand for that could ultimately shape our lives."

The groups, in a news release, said the registration drives are nonpartisan and entirely within the bounds of the law and IRS guidelines under which churches and tax-exempt religious organizations fall.