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Rev. Mr. Keith A. Fournier
Founder and President, Common Good

May 6, 2002 for Immediate Release

I am here today to place the full support of "Common Good" behind passage of the Senate Bill # 1899 entitled the "Brownback-Landrieu Human Cloning Prohibition Act. What we gather to support together is more than a piece of legislation; it concerns the future of freedom itself and concerns the common good. The protection of the dignity of every human person is the great human rights struggle of our age.

To "manufacture" human life for the purpose of intentionally destroying it through experimentation is always and everywhere wrong. It is intrinsically immoral, unethical and must be made illegal. Human embryonic life deserves full legal protection not destruction. Human embryos are persons not property and to paraphrase the words of the ancient Christian creed, they are "begotten not made".

We must learn from the horrors of the eugenics movement of the last century (the bloodiest in human history) that the end does not justify the means. We have passed this way before. We have witnessed the bad fruit of a counterfeit notion of "freedom" as a raw power over others. We have witnessed the blight of promised "advances" wherein entire groups of people were relegated to second class status and a "culture of death" prevailed over a "culture of life".

The stench and smoke of the ovens of the twentieth century still rise from the memories of the horrid concentration camps. That horror must never escape our collective memory. Nor should the shameful images of the bullwhips, the shackles and the gallows ever fade. The dark shadow of human slavery still rears its ugly head even in our day.

Justice still cries out against the raw abuse of power over an entire class of people who were deemed to have no human rights, treated as human chattel, and enslaved because of the color of their skin. We must learn from our past as we build for our future. We must outlaw the "use" of a new class of persons - those who have no voice because they are hidden in the womb or, in this instance, manufactured in a test tube - by a new class of oppressors who treat human lives as a product for experimentation.

In our "post September 11" world let us together reaffirm our bedrock commitment to the dignity and sanctity of every human life, no matter how young or old; no matter whether in the womb or outside its once safe refuge; no matter how elderly or infirm; no matter what color, race or creed!

It is always and everywhere wrong to take innocent human life - even if a potential good is promised. There must be no unwanted humans. If "wanted-ness" becomes the criteria for personhood and legal protection it is the poor, the elderly and those without a voice who are the next in line. The ability for any person to survive without the need of help from others cannot become the criteria for "humanness" either; to do so will end civilization as we know it. We are made for one another and we are our brother's keeper.

Human embryonic life must never be manufactured, "harvested" or cloned in order to intentionally destroy that life. This is the inevitable result of cloning. To do so always kills a human person. There are other morally legitimate and scientifically justified efforts underway that can explore the legitimate promise of stem cell research and the promise of medical advances.

We support good science and the common good together.

I am here today to pledge "Common Good" a way, work and movement dedicated to life, family, freedom and solidarity, to this great effort. Through our foundation we will educate on this vital issue until the full truth is known by the American people. Through our Alliance we will lobby for this vitally important legislation and other important legislative efforts that promote the Common Good.

There simply is no more important work on earth.

The future of civilization itself is at risk.

Rev. Mr. Keith A. Fournier is the Founder and President of "Common Good" and a member of the Catholic clergy, serving as a deacon of the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. Attorney Fournier is a constitutional lawyer and policy activist/consultant, with extensive experience in the practice of law, association leadership and policy work spanning a twenty-year professional career. He is also a founder and builder of several policy efforts dedicated to life, family, and authentic economic, religious and human freedom.

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